Main Idea
Chemistry Laboratory is an educational virtual reality experience that teaches students lab procedure and safety. With a headset, users can perform chemistry experiments in a virtual world.
Business Idea
An interactive way of learning paves the way. An opportunity to use a safe education tool away from real flames or dangerous chemicals brings an innovative level of education.
Main Flow
Using a VR headset and controllers, we achieve user immersion in chemical experiments. For a more significant immersion effect, we created a virtual chemical lab breadboard model of a 60s.
Visualization Level

The most obvious benefit of using VR in education is the advanced way of visualization. In our lab simulation, we managed to display objects with the maximum details and best quality. It allows students to see exactly what their experiment looks like, even if an experiment is not safe in our reality, it is possible to conduct it in a virtual setting.

Improvement of Education Quality

With VR, online learning becomes more convenient and can even provide a sense of presence. Most students don’t have access to a real chemical lab and an opportunity to study complex material through practical.

Thus our chemical lab is an example of education quality improvement that provides a better understanding of the subject.

Interactive Training

Virtual reality makes the classic studying process a really fascinating experience. With its help a classroom is not limited to four walls, science subjects don’t lack the ingredients or tools, and chemistry can visualize the information.

In our lab simulation, controllers will allow students to manipulate objects in a 3-dimensional space, which gives a sense of freedom of actions. At the end of the experimental session, everyone can test their knowledge to solidify the material.

Technical Implementation
Seeing is believing! We can deliver versatility and visual quality, accomplished with your goals.
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